Locations for Home Sporting Events

Location for Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Cross Country, Football, JV Softball, Track, Wrestling:

Loudonville High School - 421 Campus Avenue - Loudonville, OH 44842


Locations for other high school sports:

Soccer: 224 East Bustle St., Loudonville, OH 44842 (enter from South Wood St.)

Varsity Softball: Loudonville High School  - 421 Campus Avenue, Loudonville, OH  44842

Golf: Home Course:  Round Lake Golf Course, 2652 State Route 179, Lakeville, OH  44638

Locations for junior high sports:

Cross Country, Football, Track, and Wrestling: Loudonville High School

Boys and Girls Basketball, Volleyball: Budd School, 210 E. Main, Loudonville, OH 44842 or Loudonville High School   *check schedule for location*