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 1) Elementary K-6: Everyday Math

Students in grades K-6 at McMullen Elementary and C.E. Budd School have used the Everyday Math program for almost 15 years. The series has been revised twice since our original purchase.

Parents can log in to their student's account through a link on the Library/Media tab found on both the McMullen and Budd websites. McMullen parents will select their child's teacher and then their child's name. At that point, they will enter the password their child uses at school. The Budd School link requires parents to use both the username and password their child uses at school. Additional iinformation and help for parents can be found at the University of Chicago website which is

2)  Junior High: Digits
In 2014-2015, Loudonville Junior High teachers introduced Digits Math to students in seventh and eighth grade. Digits is a Pearson product designed for middle school students. Parent information and support can be found at

Two aspects of the program Loudonville teachers especially liked were the online delivery of the curriculum and the technology tools students have available. Another plus is the availability of a compacted curriculum for seventh grade. Digits offers a seventh grade Accelerated book which includes the core concepts of both seventh grade and eighth grade. All students in seventh grade use the Accelerated book. Eighth grade math follows the year-long curriculum.

Seventh and eighth grade students that are taking Algebra I use the high school math series Eureka Math. See the item below for information and a parent support link for High School Math.

3) High School: Eureka Math
The 2015-2016 school year marks the first year Loudonville High School teachers introduce their students to Eureka Math. The new program provides curriculum materials for Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Parents can access information on their student's course materials at Click on Grade 9 for Algebra I; Grade 10 for Geometry; and Grade 11 for Algebra II.

Students access the curriculum from their laptops by downloading the book to their computer. They do not need the internet to see their lesson or homework. However, several lessons require students to watch a short video clip that demonstrates the application of the math principle being studied. These video clips may require an internet connection depending on the lesson.

High School math teachers worked together to review and evaluate math programs last spring. Many textbook companies still publish traditional programs that focus on memorizing formulas and steps to solving problems. Eureka Math strives to build understanding of math concepts while engaging students in real-world problems where they can apply the concepts. LHS teachers have participated in extensive professional development the last several years on this same approach.