Finance and Entrepreneurship Class Literally Pays

Students in Mr. Seth Youngen's Finance and Entrepreneurship class used skills they are learning in this STEM course to win cash prizes by designing an innovative business plan project in competition with their classmates. As part of the Believe in Ohio (BiO) Program, the competition is designed from an entrepreneurial perspective to inspire students to pursue their educational careers in Ohio as part of Ohio's Innovation Economy of the future. Over 40 LHS students presented BiO plans in class with 8 of those students choosing to enter a competition with their peers. The winners and their projects are listed below.  All were eligible for regional competition with the ultimate goal of competing at the state level.

Mighty Mixer Anaerobic Digester

Stetson's project involved designing an agitation system for producing methane from manure.

Stetson - First Place  $500
Painters Pail

Taylor devised a water basin and filter with the ability to transform an artist's dirty paint water into usable water for painting.

Taylor - Second Place  $400
The GPSArrow: A Revolutionized Arrow System

Allison's presentation was a GPS arrow designed so a hunter never loses an arrow or a kill.


Allison - Third Place  $300
Anti-Gravity Cell Phone Case

Autumn designed a cell phone case contaning a back door from which a lanyard can be released to be used in a wristlet fashion. This avoids dropping and breaking a cell phone.

Autumn - Fourth Place  $200
3D Printed Instruments

Cody found a way to 3D print the base of an electrical stringed instrument - for instance a guitar, cello, violin - and then attach the electrical parts and strings. Cody estimates that by 3D printing the base, the cost would be around $500 for an electrical instrument as compared to $3000 for one with the base made in a traditional way.


Cody - Fifth Place  $100