GradeBook Parent Access - Create an Account

To begin creating your Parent Access account you will need  the letter you received for your child. If you have multiple children you will receive a letter for each child. These letters contain the unique Registration Key and each child's full name as it is entered in the district's Student Information System. Additionally you will need each child's date of birth.


  1. Click on the blue sign up button on the right of the Parent Access login screen.

    Click on the blue I am a parent button.    



  3. Complete the required fields.


  4. Create your own username and password.


  5. Enter the Registration Key you received in the mail and the specified information for your child. If you have another child that attends L-P Schools and would like to access both under the same account click on Enter Another Registration Key button.


  6. Congratulations! You have just created your Parent Access Account. Now go back to the initial login page and sign in.