How to Link Children in Parent Access (Only needed if additional students not added during initial account creation)


These directions are assuming you have already created your account and can login to one of your children's GradeBook. You will need the letter(s), for the additional child(ren), that you received from the school with the unique Registration Key and child's full name as it is entered in the district's Student Information System. You will also need your child's birthdate.


  1. Login to Parent Access


  2. Click on Manage Students


  3. Click on the button, Register New Student.


  4. Fill in the information for the additional child.


  5. You will receive a message if you added the additional student to your account. You will also have the opportunity to add additional children.


  6. You will see an icon for each child that is on your account at the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon to view each child's grade book information.