Jody Getz - Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award

Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator

Mrs. Jody Getz has been named a Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator for her achievements in making outstanding contributions to improve access to and progress in the general curriculum of Ohio's academic content standards for children and youth with disabilities.

Mrs. Getz, a C.E. Budd School intervention teacher was nominated by Mrs. Christine Butts, Pupil Personnel Services Director. In nominating Mrs. Getz, Mrs. Butts gave the following reasons she felt Mrs. Getz should receive the award:

"Mrs. Getz was instrumental in implementing a new Language Arts series with her fourth grade team and helping support two regular education teachers who had never taught Language Arts. She taught her regular education team how to design and manage centers/work stations that remediate and enrich the English/Language Arts common core content. They run four stations simultaneously with students working in cooperative groups with great learning opportunities taking place."

Mrs. Butts continued by stating, "Mrs. Getz is an expert in differentiation and is able to hone in on student strengths and weaknesses, therefore adjusting the content and her instruction based upon student abilities and areas of weakness. She tirelessly advocates for all of her students. Students with disabilities do not feel different or self-conscious in small group settings or during pull-outs. She helps make her school a community of learners where all students feel valued, and this culture carries over into the regular education classroom with inclusion."

As part of the consideration for the award, there was a requirement the nominated teacher nominate a student they had impacted for the R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award. Mrs.Getz nominated a student who made remarkable progress in reading fluency and comprehension. This, in turn, has increased the student's self confidence enough to be able to raise her hand in class and become a leader in learning centers.

2014 / 2015