Laura Brown


Laura Brown has been named a Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator for her achievements in making outstanding contributions to improves access to and progress in the general curriculum of Ohio's academic content standards for children and youth with disabilities.

Mrs. Brown, an intervention teacher at R.F. McMullen School, was nominated by Mrs. Christine Butts, Pupil Personnel Services Director. In nominating Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Butts gave the following reasons that she felt Mrs. Brown should receive the award:

"Laura is an exemplary intervention specialist who is kind, caring and devoted to her students. Her classroom is highly organized and structured; she runs centers and small groups very effectively. She differentiates based upon student strengths and weaknesses. She has high expectations of her students, and due to this, all students achieve success within her classroom."

Mrs. Butts also pointed out that, "Laura is a great role model for intervention specialists and regular education teachers. She is willing to help any teacher or colleague with ideas to support students with disabilities. She wants students to be successful in their least restrictive environment, and she wants staff to have the tools they need. She also embraces opportunities to continue to learn."

As part of the consideration for the award, there was a requirement for the nominated teacher to nominate a student they had impacted for the R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award. Mrs. Brown nominted a student who made consistent daily improvements in learning and great strides in reading. Additionally this same student became more independent in the area of self care as well as gaining the confidence to make many new friends.

2015 / 2016