A Message from Superintendent Catherine Puster

July 14, 2019

Coffee with Catherine at Wedgewing Monday, July 15 @ 7:30am.  See you there!

~Catherine Puster


May 28, 2019

Ready, Set, Learn! 

Ashland County Department  of Job and Family Services will be accepting applications for the Ready, Set, Learn! program beginning June 17 through June 28.  Informational flyer is attached.  Call 419-281-5000 for more information.

Ready, Set, Learn Pogram Flyer

~Catherine Puster


November 6, 2018

Thank you so much to all who voted today!  The LP communities have proven once again that the pride in our schools is strong.  Thank you for all you do for our kids!

~Catherine Puster


October 31, 2018

Reminder - the district has a permanent improvement renewal levy on the ballot on November 6, 2018.  The five-year plan can be found HERE.  If anyone needs more information, please call the district office at (419) 994-3912.  As always - thank you for all you do for our students!

~Catherine Puster