Permanent Improvement Projects Update

Funds generated from the passage of a 5-year, 1.5 mill Permanent Improvement Levy on November 4, 2014, will be used to repair and maintain the district's existing buildings. The district is grateful for the continued support of its voters. Thank you!

The current status of these projects follows.

YEAR 1:  2015-2016
  Restore roof   C.E. Budd   Completed
  Repair masonry   C.E. Budd   Completed
  Resurface playground   C.E. Budd   Completed
  Upgrade security   C.E. Budd   Completed
  Windows: replace glass   C.E. Budd   Completed
  Restore modified roof   R.F. McMullen   Completed
  Extend mechanic bay   Bus Garage   Completed
YEAR 2:  2016-2017
  Windows: replace (Phase I)   R.F. McMullen   Completed
YEAR 3: 2017-2018
  Window Replacement (Phase II)   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Door Replacement   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Masonry Repair   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Playground & Parking Lot Resurfacing   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Gutter Restoration   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Library AC Replacement   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
  Security System Upgrade   R.F. McMullen   In-Progress
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  For sample "before" and "after" pictures, click HERE.