Step-By-Step Instructions For Accessing Progress Book

(Also known as Grade Book)

Progress Book is a powerful online tool for accessing your child's grades, homework, schedules and attendance. Progress Book is compatible with several internet browsers, although the program does appear to work better when using Firefox or Internet Explorer 9. Progress Book is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer 11. Additionally, Progress Book requires Adobe Reader Version 11.

Security of your child's data has increased dramatically with recent updates to Progress Book. The newer version is now compatible with smart phones.  To create your child's account you will need an unique registration key. Please call the technology department at 419-994-4101 if you have not received the key by mail. You will need this key before proceeding to the steps outlined below.


Create An Account
How to Link Children (only needed if additional students were not added when creating the account)
Forgotten Username or Password?
Account Locked?