Taylor and Allison Win Thou$$$ands

Named winners in the 2016 Believe in Ohio Competition, Taylor was awarded a $20,000 scholarship and Allison received a $10,000 scholarship. Believe in Ohio (BiO) is a free program from The Ohio Academy of Science designed to help develop Ohio's next generation of  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) innovators. The Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio General Assembly support this program. The program aims to encourage students to become the innovators and entrepreneurs Ohio needs to help develop new products, services and jobs.

As part of Mr. Seth Youngen's Finance and Entrepreneurship class, students used skills learned in class to design an innovative business plan project.  The STEM Business Plan is a written document describing how to apply a new or existing technology to create a new product or service - or how to apply that new or existing technology to enhance an existing product or service with new features or capabilities - either of which can be successfully developed into a real world business opportunity. A STEM Business Plan also requires a written "business and financial proof of concept" to support an innovative product or service that may be taken to market.

Following is a brief summary of each girl's project as taken from their presentations. 

Taylor, LHS Class of 2017
Project:  Painter's Pail
Prize:  $20,000 Scholarship

"Painter's Pail is an environmentally friendly, timesaving artist's best friend. The troubles of constant dirty painting water have been solved. The Painters Pail is a paint brush rinsing pail that filters and recycles used paint water, removing the need to continually change the water and eliminating contaminants in the water supply."

Key Points

- An electric submersible filter pump would be used to recirculate and cleanse the water with a specially designed filtration system
- The product would be considered a "green" product as it would promote water conservation and the elimination of introducing chemicals into municipal water supplies.
- The device could be constructed from common components.

Allison, LHS Class of 2016
Project: The GPSArrow, A Revolutionized Arrow System for Bow Hunting
Prize:  $10,000 Scholarship

"The GPSArrow is an efficient solution for tracking prey. This arrow system consists of intricate technology to decrease the amount of animal meat wasted. As this innovational technology evolves, a new level of competition and opportunity is created among bow hunters across the world."

Key Points

- Ability to allow hunters to track animals through a tracking app on their smart phone via a complex GPS system constructed from an intricate ring with small "burr-like" hooks which will attach to any subcutaneous membranes within an animal
- Would reduce the amount of animals wasted due to the hunter's poor tracking skills or a small blood trail