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General Information About Searching For Scholarships

There are many multi-purpose websites with lots of good college information about financial aid and scholarships. The list of scholarship links below is not a complete listing. It is way to find good websites to begin your search for scholarships. Individual colleges and universities may also have their own list of scholarships and grants. Additionally, your parents' places of employment may also offer scholarships opportunities.  Remember, searching for money to pay for college takes TIME!

Some sites require the user to set up an account with a username and password. This way the search is personalized. DO NOT use a site that requires you to PAY!!   Information should be FREE!  If you have any questions about a site requiring payment for a scholarship search, contact Guidance Counselor Mr. Lance. 

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College Xpress
My College Scholarship
Ohio HigherEd
Peterson's College Quest
Scholarship Detective
Student Scholarships
Super College