Laptop Help Is Here!

The tech department staff hope you will find these cheat sheets and screen shots helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the tech office.  

A few reminders.....................

- The FIRST thing you should try when your laptop is not working correctly is to restart it and log in again. 

- Keep in mind you have three browsers from which to choose: Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Different browsers work better for different applications. If you are trying to access an online lesson, ask your teacher which browser to use.

- If you are having trouble loading a website or if the website is not responding as it should, try a different browser.

Are you getting a message you are low in resources and cannot log in?
This is occurring because you are not letting your laptop shut down completely before closing the lid. To resolve this issue, hold in the power button until the power light goes out. (Note: This is not an acceptable way to shut down normally, so please don't shut down this way on a regular basis as it will damage the hard drive). Once the power light goes out, restart your computer. You should be good to go.


Image of speaker  
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Image of computer tower   What is the Server ...... the "S" Drive" ...... the "Student Drive?"
Image of folder with papers   What is my student folder on the Server?  What is the purpose of my username folder on my desktop?
Image of open folder with papers   How do I save something to my student folder on the server?
Image of expandable file and magnifying glass   How do I find something I saved to my student folder on the server?
Icon of someone thinking   Why can't I just save everything I do to the folder with my username that is on my desktop?
Email icon   Where do I find my school email on the web? What is my username and password for my school email?
Printer icon   How do I email something to the tech department to get it printed?