App Safety

There are many apps that students can engage in, good and bad, and it's difficult for parents to stay informed about the newest apps that are geared towards inappropriate behavior. More and more apps allow users to communicate anonymously, help strangers connect directly with youths, and some require a private code to access information (messages, photos, videos) stored in the app making it hard for parents to monitor activity.

One of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost's top priorities is to protect the unprotected by fighting human trafficking.  Students in the district will interact with Rebecca Jentes, Program Director of our Rape Crisis Domestic Violence Shelter, Safe Haven, and Lara Kiefer, Director of our local Children's Advocacy Center, to learn about concerns and dangers of popular apps focusing on inappropriate behavior, to identify the warning signs of someone who is being trafficked, understanding the various levels of trafficking, as well as different types of trafficking, and steps to inform the appropriate individuals to intervene with the victim/perpetrator.

Click HERE for a parent resource guide provided by Dave Yost for popular apps to watch.  To read more about human trafficking, click HERE.