Redbird Strong Drug Free Club

JH and HS students are encouraged to join the LHS drug free club, Redbird Strong.  Being involved in the club will give students the chance to say “no” to peer pressure because they are “tested.”  The LHS administration hopes by offering the club, students will participate and remain drug free throughout school and their adult life.

There are no meetings to attend or projects to complete, but students and parents must fill out and submit the Redbird Strong consent form. Once a month twenty percent of all members will be randomly drawn and discretely tested at school by submitting a urine test administered by Great Lakes Biomedical.  If the student is found to be drug free they will receive a membership card within several weeks and earn rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards, snacks, candy, or a special lunch.  If substance abuse is detected, a parent/guardian will be contacted by Great Lakes Biomedical and the student and parent will be privately referred to the school liaison to answer questions or help in locating any services desired.

Click HERE to download the required consent form.