PBIS - Be A Champion Today!

Staff and students at Loudonville High School and Loudonville Junior High School are committed to establishing a safe, respectful and caring environment that promotes student learning.  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a school-wide system focusing on teaching appropriate behavior to all students using positive reinforcement techniques with the goal of having every student Be A Champion Today!

Expected Behaviors at LHS

PBIS consists of three levels.


  • Weekly recognition of good behavior and deeds
  • Redbird Champions 
    (Explained below)


  • Team approach for additional behavioral intervention includes teachers, administrators, counselors, parent and student; Nature of the problem discussed and team brainstorms ways to change the problem behavior
  • Student is assigned a Check and Connect mentor; Student is expected to meet with that person at least once a day to discuss how they are doing with changing the problem behavior


  • Student needs additional help despite previous interventions
  • Outside agencies are included as part of intervention strategies (Examples: school liaisons, outside counselors, probation officers)


PBIS Team Members are: Ms. Kori Aubel, Ms. Katy Baumgartner, Mrs. Mary Bowers, Mr. Ben Drown, Mrs. Lindsey Frank, Mrs. Alyssa Rabatin and Mr. Seth Youngen.



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Be A Champion Today!

Behavior Matrix


Redbird Champions Explained


PBIS Fact Sheet



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