Printing Rules

In certain instances, you can email things to the tech office for printing. Please respect the following tech department rules regarding printing.
1. All requests for printing need to be for school work only.
2. The tech department will gladly print color images and graphs. We will also print titles and other needed items to be mounted on school project boards.
3. We do not print study guides - get a copy from your teacher.
4. We do not print reports or essays. These are to be emailed to the teacher making the assignment, and that teacher will print the document for you. There are exceptions to this rule which are detailed in the next item.
5. We will print ACT tickets, scholarship applications, and any documents required for a scholarship, including essays. 
6. We try our best to give same day service. However, since there may be times we are working at one of the elementary buildings, we recommend submitting print jobs 24 hours in advance. 
7. You will receive an email when your print job is ready. Come to the tech office to pick up your printed materials.
8. You will have 2 weeks to pick up your printed material. After that time, it will be discarded.