Robotics Team Punches Tickets to STATE - Earns Highest Score To Date!



For the second straight year, a robotics team from LHS has qualified for the STATE Ohio Vex Robotics Tournament to be held in March 2017!  Congratulations to Jarryd, Caleb, Cody and Reed - Team 598B - who not only won the regional Perry High School Vex Robotics Tournament but also received confirmation their score of 58 on 11-12-16 was the highest in the WORLD as of that date for a VEX Starstruck competition!

Also participating at Perry HS was Team 598A consisting of Brennan, Tristan, Sam and Austin. At one point both Loudonville teams were ranked #1 and #2 with three wins each. Even though Team 598A was eventually defeated in the semifinals, they made a fine showing and are back to working on improvements to their deisng. Both teams are coached by science teacher Josh Miller.

Prepping for Perry
Demonstrating a flip high hang