Social Media

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While many parents are familiar with Facebook, they may not be well informed about the increasing number of other ways students can communicate with each other on the internet or via their cell phones. It is nearly impossible for parents to keep up with all of these new websites and apps, but it is important parents monitor the major ones. Below is basic explanation of some of the virtual communication tools kids are using.

  • REPORT/BLOCK CYBERBULLIES- This site gives tips on how to protect user profiles from cyberbullies.
  • DIGITAL GLOSSARY- This guide decodes teenage digital shorthand and also includes information about apps teens frequent.
  • FACEBOOK- Parents should be aware of these new features in Facebook
  • SNAPCHAT- A photo-sharing app that deletes the picture automatically after a set amount of time. However, the person receiving the picture has the ability to take a screenshot and post it on the internet.
  • TWITTER- A parent's guide to Twitter.
  • YouNow- This app is a personal broadcasting service that connects using Facebook, Twitter, or a Google Plus Account. The site streams a channel picked at random but the user can "change" the channel to one of their choosing. The user can also "Go Live" to allow the site to access their computer camera and microphone thereby making the user a "broadcaster." There is also access to chat windows.
  • DIGITAL HANGOUTS- This online article has links to other fast-growing social media websites and apps that kids frequent.