VEX WORLDS HS Robotics Championship 2015-16

Who Else Can Say They Are 18th In The World?

LHS Robotics Team 598A gave it their all at the 2016 VEX WORLDS High School Robotics Championship finishing 18th in their division. They also had the highest ranked position of any Ohio team entered. What an amazing run - especially for a first-year robotics program!


This journey started with 4 years of engineering STEM classes followed by about 8 months of work that included ideas, sketches in engineering notebooks, boxes of metal, motors, axles and bits of wire, approximately 200 hours of build and coding time (not including practice), 7 tournaments in Ohio where the team placed 2nd at the high school State Championship and 9th at the U.S. Open Championship. A recap of the VEX WORLDS High School Robotics Championship follows.



Robotics teams from 30 nations gathered to compete during three days of back-to-back matches for the chance to become World Champions. In doing so, these 15,000 students broke the previously held GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest robotics competition.

All teams participated in the same game. This year's game was "Nothing But Net." Points are scored in various ways with some being earned by the team alliance (two partnered teams playing against two other partnered teams). An important component of the scoring system is the chance to also score individual team strength points.

Click on the picture below to see Team 598A participate in a game of "Nothing But Net" from earlier in the season. Note that this video only shows one part of this game - the portion where balls are dropped into the robot for a remote-controlled shoot into the basket. There are also autonomous rounds where the robot must be programmed to drive around and independently pick up the balls on the floor and another round where the robot is driver-controlled to pick up and shoot the balls into the basket.

Getting Ready

Thanks to a donation from Truax Printing, the LHS Robotics Team had a booth banner to display at the 2016 Vex WORLDS Robotics Championship listing all the business partners who provided financial support to help with tournament expenses. Many individual monetary donations were also made and were equally appreciated. Additionally, the Board of Trustees of The Hugo and Mabel Young Foundation was instrumental in providing the generous funding to get the LHS robotics program up and running. Without their support, this dream would not have become a reality!


Reminders to Stay on Target Every Minute - STEM!

Qualifying Match #6 WIN 256-229 Partnering with a Georgia team against another alliance of teams from Texas and Washington
Qualifying Match #29 WIN 206 - 155 Partnering with an Australian team against another alliance of teams from Michigan and California
Qualifying Match #57 Loss 225 - 262 Partnering with a Maryland team against another alliance of teams from Canada and California



Qualifying Match #82 Loss 233-205 Partnering with a Florida team against another alliance of teams from China and Virginia
Qualifying Match #109 WIN 264-230 Partnering with a Michigan team against another alliance of teams from China and Michigan
Qualifying Match #137 Loss 236-203 Partnering with Mexican team against another alliance of teams from Washington and California
Qualifying Match #170 WIN  190-176 Partnering with a Kentucky team against another alliance of teams from Texas and Minnesota
Qualifying Match #182 WIN 230-153 Partnering with a Pennsylvania team against another alliance of teams from California and Minnesota



DAY 2 into DAY 3

At around midnight, the team decided to tear apart the drive train in their hotel lobby to replace some internal drive gears. They checked over the entire mechanical structure to eliminate every possible variable to perform consistently going into Day 3. 



The LHS Robotics Team started the day in great shape as they were Ranked #1 after amassing the most individual team strength points (1576 SPs) AMONG ALL 500 TEAMS ENTERED IN THE HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION at the VEX WORLDS Robotics Championship!!!

Qualifying Match #206 WIN 233-67 Partnering with a Utah team against another alliance of teams from Wisconsin and California
Qualifying Match #226 WIN 286-146 Partnering with an Illinois team against another alliance from China and Massachusetts
Division Playoffs: Unfortunately, even with a fine 7-3 qualifying round record combined with all those strength points, it still wasn't enough to make it to the playoff round. However, Josh, Max, Coleton and Tristan can hold their heads high as their team ended the 2016 WORLDS VEX High School Robotics Championship as the top ranking Ohio team and also with the official rank of 18 in their world division! 


Future Plans for the First LHS Robot

Team 598A's robot is now starting its "retired" life of STEM outreach according to Advisor Josh Miller. Elementary and middle school students will have the chance to operate it and ask the team questions about how it was built. Hopefully, this will inspire more students to become interested in STEM classes that will lead to future L-P robotics teams. The team is also open to giving demonstrations to other interested groups. Click on the image below and give it up for the first LHS Robot!