Does Your Child Need To Go Somewhere Else After School?

Occasionally, there may be times when your child needs to deviate from their normal end-of-the-day dismissal routine. Perhaps they need to ride a different bus to grandma's house, go home with a relative or friend, or be a walker.  In order to make sure we have written permission from the parent/guardian on file in plenty of time before dismissal, we are requesting that whenever possible a certain form (link below) be completed and sent to school with your child on the day their regular "going home" routine changes.

We recognize there will be times when something unexpected will occur and it will be necessary to phone us to make a last minute change to a daily dismissal routine. However, for anticipated occasional changes, we would appreciate having this form sent to school with your child on the day of the expected change.  Paper copies of this form can be sent home with your child if you do not have access to a printer. To print your own forms, click HERE

Please Note: There is a different form to be used in the case of a more permanent alternate bus stop. This form is used for situations where a student regularly - day in and day out - rides a bus to somewhere other than their place of residence, such as a babysitter's home. The alternate bus stop form is found HERE